Book and Course Launch

Feminist Political Economy - A Global Perspective

With our public event we would like to draw attention to the fact that gender-blind approaches are still prevalent in economics education, research and public discourse. However, as the authors of this book point out, feminist political economy is essential to understanding the power relations and hierarchies that shape and sustain contemporary capitalism.

Sara Cantillon, Odile Mackett and Sara Stevano have written a much-needed introduction to key topics in feminist political economy, including the global division of labour, social reproduction, child and elder care, the household and intra-household inequalities, labour market inequalities, welfare regimes, the feminization of poverty and economic indicators. The book launch will offer economics educators access to the topic and inspiration for their courses. Students are given resources and insights by the help of which they can initiate and campaign for curriculum change at their universities. In addition, the teaching materials presented are intended to encourage everyone who is interested in the role of power relations and inequality in the economy to approach the topic on their own.

The book launch takes place in cooperation with the Institute for International Political Economy (IPE) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Prof. Dr. Sigrid Betzelt from IPE will start with a welcome address. The authors will then present their book “Feminist Political Economy - A Global Perspective”, which was published in 2023. This is followed by a presentation of a “course” which is based on this book and was produced together with the Network for Pluralist Economics. At the end of the event the audience can ask questions. The event will take place in English, there will be no online broadcast.

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Friday, 3rd May
4 – 5:30 pm
Gefördert durch: Canopus Foundation

In Kooperation mit:

IPE Berlin
Institute for International Political Economy Berlin