Economics (BSc)

University of Greenwich London
Economics (Bachelor of Science)

Our undergraduate economics programmes have been completely re-designed from top to bottom in order to embrace pluralism. Greenwich is one of only three universities in the UK that can make that claim. In addition to a pluralist framework for microeconomics and macroeconomics and quantitative methods, undergraduate students take courses in economic history and the history of economic thought, and have a choice of a number of other pluralist offerings.


„This course was recently revised, and has now a strong focus on heterodox economics and comparison of different schools of thought. Hence, no personal experience reports can be provided. Greenwich is part of an active heterodox community in London, which organises frequent events, conferences and workshops together with staff and various Rethinking Economics groups at Goldsmiths, University of London; London School of Economics; SOAS, University of London; the Post-Keynesian Economics Society, IIPPE, and the Association for Heterodox Economics.“

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Informationsstand: 14/11/2023

Meme: Ein Mann liegt in einem Krankenhausbett und wird von einer Krankenschwester angesprochen. Text: Nurse: Sir... You've been in a coma Since 2008. Me: Wow, I can't wait to see how much the economics textbooks have changed.

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