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Our Volunteer Center

We advocate for the equal treatment of people of all races, religions and ethnicities, as well as funding for federal programs that address all kinds of problem in these groups.

Humanity has no gender or race! Discrimination, stereotyping and bias can lead to exclusion and marginalization of religious or racial and ethnic minorities.It’s the 21st-century, equality for everyone!!!

People should be allowed to celebrate who they are and battle against the obvious oppression there is. People need to learn about different cultures and backgrounds! Support the right of all people to do what they feel is right for them and not be punished for it!

Everyone has to be able to be who they are. We are all free and if we want to speak about it no one should stop us.

Support Justice




14 — 16 AUGUST



Presented By Nikki Mirage
& Hosted By Kimberly With Music By Dj Gina


Want to become a sponsor? For details and a customized benefits package, please contact us at (800) 111 – 123 – 4567 or 773-584-6669.


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Das Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V. ist seit November 2007 ein eingetragener gemeinnütziger Verein mit einem ehrenamtlichen Vorstand, 500 Mitgliedern und aktuell 11 Mitarbeitenden.


Die Vereinssatzung ist die rechtliche Basis des Netzwerks. Sie regelt beispielsweise den Vereinszweck und seine Umsetzung.
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Meme: Ein Mann liegt in einem Krankenhausbett und wird von einer Krankenschwester angesprochen. Text: Nurse: Sir... You've been in a coma Since 2008. Me: Wow, I can't wait to see how much the economics textbooks have changed.

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